Tea and an Interview

Charmed by author Elizabeth Boyle’s sense of fun and spirit of playfulness, Victoria and Kristine accepted Elizabeth’s kind invitation to join her in a cyber tea. They dished and ate and dished some more about all things historical, about Number One London and about their upcoming trip to London. Elizabeth has put their conversation up on her website so that you can eavesdrop on all the fun. While you’re there, don’t miss taking a trip around the N.Y. Times best selling author’s witty website.

1 thought on “Tea and an Interview”

  1. Morning, Gorgeous.

    Stopped by to see you at Elizabeth's. Great interview. Have fun there today.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Diana exhibit. I may have to pop down there to see it. Lunch, then? I still take flowers to Kensington Palace when I'm in London.

    Now back to my deadline cave before someone peeks at Elizabeth's interview and finds out I don't like Regency women's gowns. Or the headgear… eeek!!

    I agree the men are magnificent. Though I prefer Sean Bean to Colin Firth.

    Hugs and Kisses!

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