A Warm Welcome

If you’ve arrived at this page, you must share our interest in all things Georgian, Regency and Victorian, as well as our passion for the England of today.

Having written The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England, Kristine Hughes has spent the last several years researching her next book, a true opus that will focus on fashionable daily life as experienced by the ladies of London 1700 – 1900.  Victoria Hinshaw has published eight Regency-set novels and three novellas with Kensington Zebra. She is working on several more projects associated with the Georgian era but she admits to a real delight in the Victorian period, since it is hers. Whatever motivated her parents to choose the name Victoria, she has always believed that there exsists a mystical tie between the Great Queen and her.

Victoria and Kristine originally named this blog Research England, for that is their vocation and avocation. But they are not deeply academic, and their mischevious senses of humor crept into their posts. So they decided to start over as Number One London (found at onelondonone.blogspot.com). They promise lots of research oriented material, considerable travel  reporting, and amusing incidents, all accompanied by occasional asides, nonsense and bon mots.

Kristine has been planning to attend the re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo near Brussels for some years now. The 2010 event has always been her goal and the year has finally arrived – Huzza! The trip will be even more wonderful now that Victoria Hinshaw will be joining her and they’ll be spending several days in London before taking the Dover ferry to Calais. Oh, how they wish they weren’t many decades too late to call upon poor Mr. Brummell while they’re in France! Look for blogs and details about their upcoming adventures both before, during and after the magical days of June 2010.

Victoria and Kristine look forward to making your aquaintance. Please visit often!

15 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome”

  1. Kristine! How fab! Just to imagine all those who've gone before you and Vicky, your partner in crime, on the Dover packet. My Lady Scandalous aka Grace Dalrymple Elliott, was one of them, when it was made clear to her that Lord Cholmondeley was not going to marry her. And the poor Beau, going to his death from syphilis… Ah, if those waters between Dover and Calais could but speak…

  2. you are here at last!
    I'm sick that I can't go on the Waterloo trip.
    Pray that I win the lottery or something.

    I think this promises to be a great and exciting research blog. And fun, too.

    (the puzzle is KILLING me)

  3. Well done, Gorgeous!

    Here's wishing you much fun and success with Number One London. Love the name. It is so you, my friend.

    Just watch out for twirling umbrellas at Buckingham Palace, you hear? Seriously, I'm thrilled you're going. Nothing could be more perfect.

    Hugs and kisses…

  4. Oh, Bozzy, how I wish you were coming to Waterloo. Between yourself and Lord Fitzroy Somerset, the entire battle would be well and truly chronicled. But all is not lost. We shall have a video camera with us and will afterwards be posting videos of our time in London and Waterloo on this site. The next best thing to your writing. Egad, I miss you – Kristine

  5. How lovely! I am truly looking forward to visiting often! And I am beside myself with jealousy over your Waterloo adventure. I shall have to rob a bank. Don't tell anyone! My dream is to be there for the Waterloo Bicentennial in 2015. Congrats on this gorgeous spot on the internet and thank you so much for another great Regency era resource!

  6. Louisa – Between you robbing a bank and poor Diane playing the lottery, it seems our Waterloo adventure is leading to bad behavior all around -who knew? Vicky and I are kicking around plans to attend the 2015 Wellington Conference at Southampton University. The Conference happens every 5 years. Mayhap if we all start saving now, we can join forces and all go over together – wouldn't that be a hoot?!

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