I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Windsor many times, but one of the most memorable visit was that on our 2014 Duke of Wellington Tour. As our coach drew into Windsor, our tour group was greeted by the sight of draft horses delivering beer to a nearby pub. From that moment, we knew that our visit to Windsor would be something special, and I’m glad to say that it was, indeed.

Our group stayed at the Castle Hotel, above, where Victoria and I had both stayed before and which is a personal favourite. The hotel is directly across from some of Windsor’s landmarks, including the Guildhall, below, and the Crooked House.
A wedding taking place at the Guildhall, above, a la Prince Charles and Camilla, who were married there in 2005.
Side view of the Guildhall with statue of George of Denmark, Queen Anne’s consort

Click here for a tour of the inside of the Guildhall and the history of the building, which we covered in a prior post.

Windsor’s Crooked House, built in 1592 and reputed to have a secret passage in the basement leading to Windsor Castle that facilitated trysts between Charles II and Nell Gwynn.
The statue of Queen Victoria which stands at the end of the street leading to the Castle.

It was a glorious day for our group visit to the Castle.

We even got a peek at the van belonging to “Her Majesty’s Supplier of Lighting Fittings and Allied Components.”
You can read Victoria’s prior post on the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle here. 
After our tour of the Castle, a pub lunch was enjoyed at The Horse and Groom, the very same pub that received the delivery of ale courtesy of the draft horses.

Our table afforded us a birdseye view of the Town, but unfortunately we didn’t get a glimpse of the Guard’s Band that day – these photos were taken a few days later by Victoria during our extended stay after the conclusion of the Tour.

We’ll once again be based in Windsor during Number One London’s Town & Country House tour in May, 2024. We hope you’ll consider joining us for what promises to be a truly unique experience – the tour ends with us staying at Hartwell House, a magnificent country house hotel. You’ll find the complete itinerary and further details here.



Kristine here – As some of you may recall, before the 2010 Wellington Tour began, I had posted about how much I was looking forward to walking the grounds at Highclere Castle, which was a stop on the Tour. As depicted on Downton Abbey, the grounds always seem interesting, inviting and in need of my closer perusal. When we visited, I had the opportunity to set off by myself and to simply take in the gardens, the countryside and the grounds. I’ve remembered that day many times since and thought I’d post about it again.

Here, I offer you just a few of the views I was fortunate enough to encounter. Can you spot the one photo I didn’t take myself?






















If you’d like to make your own memories in England, visit Number One London Tours to learn about our upcoming tours – we look forward to traveling with you soon!


At long last we come to the end of our posts on The Duke of Wellington Tour, but fear not – Victoria and Kristine stayed on in England and have got plenty of after tour posts to come. In the meantime, here is wrap up of the highlights of our Tour.

Above, photos of our London hotel, the Grosvenor Victoria
Our fantastic group at Apsley House
The Wellington Arch
The Tower of London, with the Poppy Installation in full bloom
Horse Guards
Dinner at the Grenadier Pub
Afternoon tea at Richoux, Piccadilly
Walmer Castle
Dover Castle
Er . . . . a really neat doorway
Prinny’s Royal Pavilion, Brighton
Stratfield Saye
Downton Abbey, aka Highclere Castle
Basildon Park
Windsor Castle
The Guildhall, Windsor
Windsor Castle

Frogmore House

And the final photos of our tour group. Miss you all, many thanks for joining us on our tour through Wellington’s England. Stay tuned for details regarding our next tour!