On the day after the Wellington Tour ended, Sunday 9/14, Victoria and I remained at the Castle Hotel in Windsor for a few days in order to rest up and see the sights of Windsor we hadn’t taken in before.

Before we started out for the day, Victoria noticed this complimentary material in our hotel room, and the picture greatly amused her.

Amongst the scintillating things on our agenda was a walk to station in order to ask about our getting to Hampstead in the near future. We also visited a number of the town’s more tacky souvenier shops in order to stock up on touristy shot glasses and key rings.

Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll across the River and strolled the length of Eton’s deserted High Street.

Through the gate, a statue of College founder, King Henry VI (1421-1471)

More on our post tour jaunts coming soon!

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